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Updating init ora

db_cache_size=8192 The next parameter you see is the background_dump_dest parameter.This parameter defines the location of Oracle trace files (log files) that are created by the Oracle background processes (we talked about the Oracle processes earlier in this book) and the important alert log where database messages reside.seconds of redos the standby could lose = Enable system auditing 10g BACKGROUND_CORE_DUMP = BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST = 'path or directory' BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES = DEFERRED BITMAP_MERGE_AREA_SIZE = int Memory for BITMAP MERGE BLANK_TRIMMING = CIRCUITS = int CLUSTER_DATABASE = If TRUE startup in cluster database mode CLUSTER_DATABASE_INSTANCES = int CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS = ipaddr [:ipaddr…] Interconnects for RAC use COMMIT_POINT_STRENGTH = int COMPATIBLE = release_number [CHAR:] CONSTRAINT[S] = CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME = int Time in Days CONTROL_FILES =filename [,filename […] ] CORE_DUMP_DEST = 'text' CPU_COUNT = int CREATE_BITMAP_AREA_SIZE = int CREATE_STORED_OUTLINES = [NOOVERRIDE] CURSOR_SHARING = CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME = CURRENT_SCHEMA = schema Change the current schema of the session DB_2k_cache_size = int bytes Size of cache for 2K buffers DB_4k_cache_size = int bytes Size of cache for 4K buffers DB_8k_cache_size = int bytes Size of cache for 8K buffers DB_16k_cache_size = int bytes Size of cache for 16K buffers DB_32k_cache_size = int bytes Size of cache for 32K buffers DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS = int Deprecated in favour of DB_CACHE_ SIZE DB_BLOCK_CHECKING = DEFERRED DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM = DB_BLOCK_SIZE = int [bytes] Do not alter after db creation DB_CACHE_ADVICE = DB_CACHE_SIZE = int [bytes] DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST = directory DB_CREATE_ONLINE_LOG_DEST_n = directory (where n = 1-5) Default locn for Oracle-managed control files and online redo logs.DB_DOMAIN = domain_name Directory part of global database name DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT = int DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT = [(]'dbfile1' , 'dbfile2'…[)] Datafile name convert patterns and strings for standby/clone db [old string, new string] DB_FILES = int = Disable NOWAIT DML lock acquisitions DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILEn = filename (where n = 1 or 2) DG_BROKER_START = DISK_ASYNCH_IO = DISPATCHERS = 'dispatch_clause' (see SQL ref manual for detail)(MTS_Dispatchers in Ora 8/9) DISTRIBUTED_LOCK_TIMEOUT = int DML_LOCKS = int One for each table modified in a transaction DRS_START = Start DG Broker monitor (DMON process) ERROR_ON_OVERLAP_TIME = ENQUEUE_RESOURCES = int Resources for enqueues EVENT = debug_string Debug event control FAL_CLIENT = string Fetch archive log Client FAL_SERVER = string Fetch archive log Server FAST_START_IO_TARGET = int Upper bound on recovery reads(Deprecated) FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET = int FAST_START_PARALLEL_ROLLBACK = Max number of parallel recovery slaves FILE_MAPPING = = int Number of background gcs server processes to start GLOBAL_CONTEXT_POOL_SIZE = GLOBAL_NAMES = Enforce that database links have same name as remote database HASH_AREA_SIZE = int Size of in-memory hash work area (Shared Server) HASH_JOIN_ENABLED = HI_SHARED_MEMORY_ADDRESS = int SGA starting address (high order 32-bits on 64-bit platforms) HS_AUTOREGISTER = Enable automatic server DD updates in HS agent self-registration IFILE = parameter_file_name Include file in INSTANCE = int Connect to a different RAC instance INSTANCE_GROUPS = group_name [,group_name …In this case, all files written by Oracle background processes will be in the /u01/oracle/admin/mydb/bdump directory.background_dump_dest=/u01/oracle/admin/mydb/bdump You can find all the Oracle Database parameters at Oracle? Look in the reference guide and you will find them all listed, except for undocumented hidden parameters.

of user and system sessions SGA_MAX_SIZE =int bytes Initial SGA size = int bytes Target size of SGA SHADOW_CORE_DUMP = Include SGA in core file SHARED_MEMORY_ADDRESS = int SGA starting address (platform specific) SHARED_POOL_RESERVED_SIZE = int bytes Reserved area of shared pool SHARED_POOL_SIZE = int Size of shared pool SHARED_SERVERS = int Number of shared servers to start up (MTS) SHARED_SERVER_SESSIONS = int Max number of shared server sessions = server_clause utl_smtp server and port configuration parameter SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE =int bytes [DEFERRED] UGA Memory to retain (Shared Server) SORT_AREA_SIZE = int bytes [DEFERRED] In-memory sort work area (Shared Server) SORT_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT Obsolete in 9i SPFILE =spfile_name Parameter file =category Qualifier for applying hintsets SQL_VERSION =version Sql language version, for compatibility STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST = 'filespec' Standby database archivelog destination STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT = Automate file mmanagement on standby DB STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED = STATISTICS_LEVEL = Collect Statistics = int bytes Size of the streams pool TAPE_ASYNCH_IO = Allow I/O requests to tape devices at the same time as CPU processing THREAD =int Redo thread to use (RAC) TIMED_OS_STATISTICS = int Gather OS statistics every x seconds TIMED_STATISTICS = Collect time statistics TIME_ZONE = '[ | -] hh:mm'| LOCAL | DBTIMEZONE | 'time_zone_region' TRACE_ENABLED = Trace execution path (Internal use only-Oracle support services) TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER = "traceid" Trace file custom identifier = [DEFERRED] TRANSACTIONS = int Max.OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING = int Percent to cache (favour nested loop joins & IN-list) OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ = int Adjust the cost of index vs FTS =path TRACE definition files: ORACLE_HOME/otrace/admin/fdf/ OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX = prefix Prefix for auto-logon accounts [string] OS_ROLES = Retrieve roles from the operating system PARALLEL_ADAPTIVE_MULTI_USER = Tune degree of parallelism PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING = Automatic tuning PARALLEL_EXECUTION_MESSAGE_SIZE = int bytes Message buffer size PARALLEL_INSTANCE_GROUP = 'group' RAC: Limit instances used PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS = int PARALLEL_MIN_PERCENT = int Min percent of threads required for parallel query PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS = int PARALLEL_SERVER = [TRUE | FALSE] Startup in parallel server mode PARALLEL_SERVER_instances = int No.of instances (used for sizing SGA) PARALLEL_THREADS_PER_CPU = int PARTITION_VIEW_ENABLED = Deprecated (use partition TABLES) PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET = int bytes Automatically size the SQL working area QUERY_REWRITE_INTEGRITY = RDBMS_SERVER_DN = Distinguished Name READ_ONLY_OPEN_DELAYED = Delay opening read_only files until first access RECOVERY_PARALLELISM = int Server processes to use for parallel recovery REMOTE_ARCHIVE_ENABLE = [RECEIVE[, SEND] | FALSE | ] Enable or disable sending archived redo logs to/from remote destinations REMOTE_DEPENDENCIES_MODE = Remote-procedure-call dependencies mode REMOTE_LISTENER =network_name REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE = Use a password file REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT = Allow non-secure remote clients to use auto-logon accounts REMOTE_OS_ROLES = Allow non-secure remote clients to use os roles REPLICATION_DEPENDENCY_TRACKING = RESOURCE_LIMIT = Master switch for resource limit RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN = plan_name Turn on Resource Manager plan | DEFAULT | INTENT] SERIAL_REUSE = Cursor memmory management SERVICE_NAMES = db_service_name [,db_service_name [,…] ] SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS = int Session cursors to cache SESSION_MAX_OPEN_FILES = int Max no.This parameter tells oracle how big each individual block in the database is (we discussed blocks in an earlier chapter in this book).In this case, each block is 8192 bytes, or 8k, in size.

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] INSTANCE_NAME = instance_id INSTANCE_NUMBER = int = Type of instance to be executed RDBMS or Automated Storage Management ISOLATION_LEVEL = JAVA_MAX_SESSIONSPACE_SIZE = int [bytes] JAVA_POOL_SIZE = int [bytes] JAVA_SOFT_SESSIONSPACE_LIMIT = int JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES = int LARGE_POOL_SIZE = int [bytes] LICENSE_MAX_SESSIONS = int Maximum number of non-system user sessions (concurrent licensing) LICENSE_MAX_USERS = int Maximum number of named users that can be created (named user licensing) LICENSE_SESSIONS_WARNING = int Warning level for number of non-system user sessions LOCAL_LISTENER = network_name Define which listeners instances register with LOCK_NAME_SPACE = namespace Used for generating lock names for standby/primary database assign each a unique name space LOCK_SGA = = [SEND|NOSEND] [RECEIVE|NORECEIVE] [ DG_CONFIG] LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST = string LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n = LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_n = (n = 1-10) LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST = string LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT = string [CHAR: "My App%S.