Top chef ilan elia dating

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Top chef ilan elia dating

Ilan, my favorite at the start of the season, went the other direction, falling off the radar with his liver-in-chocolate disaster and reaching a nadir last episode with his utterly bush-league attempt to throw Marcel under the bus at the judging table (I lost the last of my respect for Elia at the same time).

It was the show’s writers (and editors) who supplied Marcel with a winning story arc even if I’m still not sure I’d want to eat his foams, gums and gelees. With that out of the way, congratulations to Ilan Hall (right), the second To some degree Marcel’s inability to win friends and influence people ultimately doomed him. ) all were eager to work for Ilan, while Frank, Mia and Sam said they’d work with Marcel, but didn’t sound enthusiastic.

Sex Pairing: Bryan Voltaggio / Michael Voltaggio Rating: NC-17Warnings: RPS, mildly incestuous.

even though all the chefs pretty much hated marcel, at least he was a really good chef and also didn’t backstab anyone at all. Stuck Written by dylanx Rating: NC-17Summary: The day before the elmination challenge, but after they recieve their Sin; Marcel wants to show Ilan he has a sex drive, and cherries won't reduce it. Title-"I'll show them Lust" Chapter one Pairing-Marcelia Chapter Rated PG-13 because they talk about sex, baby! Despite the fact that Marcel didn’t change throughout the season — he was still every bit as self-centered, obnoxious and pin-headed by the end — the creative team shifted my allegiances bit by bit.As the other contestants went from general, well-deserved teasing to near-psychotic abuse and hazing, Marcel went from villain to victim.

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  1. Later, actress Naturi Naughton stops by for Patti's famous Succulent Scallops in Garlic Butter Sauce, and Miss Patti gives Naturi a cooking lesson that is "Over the Rainbow." Patti invites her friend, fashion guru Joe Zee, over for a simple Shrimp Scampi served over Angel Hair Pasta.