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(They) use predominantly the same aircraft and weapons, thus rendering attribution impossible in many cases," the report said.Aleppo, once Syria's largest city and former commercial hub, had been divided into rebel and government parts since 2012.for people in need has the power to transform your heart.You don’t have to be an expert on world issues to pray about them. I told her that I have been praying for the Syrians, and that many from around the world are praying all during December.Neither did they attribute any specific war crime investigated to Russian forces."Throughout the period under review, the skies over Aleppo city and its environs were jointly controlled by Syrian and Russian air forces ...I pray a sense of peace that surpasses understanding and of a whispered hope to strengthen them even on the darkest days. BEIRUT (AP) — Back in Syria, the young women were told they would get well-paid jobs at restaurants and hotels in Lebanon.

May this horrible situation be transformed to be used ultimately for Your glory and furthering your kingdom. Lord, I pray that you help those who are working to liberate Raqqa from ISIS. Watch over the Christian and Yazidi children and women who have been captured and made sex slaves.

They reached the frontier adjoining northern Syria on Monday.

A top Iraqi militia commander said a wider operation to take the area from Sunni jihadist Islamic State would start on Tuesday and this would help Syria’s army.

Tensions escalated in the southeastern region of Syria, known as the Badia, this month when government forces supported by Iraqi Shi’ite militias deployed in a challenge to rebels backed by President Bashar al-Assad’s enemies.

This has coincided with a march towards the Syrian border by Shi’ite militias from Iraq.

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One morning in mid-December, a group of soldiers banged on the door of a house in eastern Aleppo.