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Their respective logos and icons are also subject to international copyright laws. December is a traditionally quiet month across most industries, but the world of open source CMS never truly rests.Any line that is wrapped in a ` character and ends with a semi colon will be evaled in the current scope of the importer.If you do not truncate the entire table, the module will attempt to first look up an existing record and update that existing record.For this to happen the YAML must declare the fields to match in the look up. Contains a WHERE clause to match e.g If the criteria meets more than 1 instance, all instances bar the first are removed from the database so ensure you criteria is specific enough to get the unique field value.The script also handles creating default File and image records through the The module also provides extensions that can be opted into depending on your project needs This extension outputs the result of the Populate::require Default Records() as a SQL Dump on your local machine.

But how does it shape up when compared to it's long established predecessor, Silver Stripe 2?

It seems to be not load related (anymore), at least not primarily, since the main website works just fine, only the backend seems to be affected. This does not include the source code of Libre Office, which is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPLv2).

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Having now had time to really have a play with it and even do some project work with it there are 2 statements swirling around my head. The most obvious change to Silver Stripe is the User interface, and I am so glad (read relieved! Despite concerns about the demotion of the site tree leading to confusing workflows, the late changes ensured the tree is persistent and seamlessly transitions between full screen and page editing mode, allowing a more (believe it or not) fluid and focused work-flow than previously.

1: Silver Stripe 3 is absolutely awesome and 2: We won't be using Silver Stripe 3 for complex production sites just yet . Another great introduction is full screen relation edit forms, no more popups in popups and confusing multi DOM editing.

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