My little pony dating sim

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My little pony dating sim

(Sure, I once had website about The Muppets, but that’s completely different! There are so many clueless idiots on Kickstarter who think they’re going to make a video game it’s not even fun to make fun of them anymore. Some sketches of My Little Pony style ponies, some basic video editing tricks, and some terrible, terrible voice acting.

Something has smelled fishy ever since the post went up, and it's not because it's lent either.

Either this man is lying, he can’t do basic arithmetic, or he started his “ultimate brony dating sim” about a year before their were any bronies!

Still, with all the time he must have accomplished something, right? How does he react when people ask to see this amazing 95% finished game? He acts like a sarcastic Jack-ass who’s unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works.

Do not pledge any money to this project before you take a look at the evidence that community members have compiled over the last few days.

The skepticism began when people started to analyze the strange bits about the Kickstarter's details - the inconsistent details such as how the project was "95% finished" and yet they were just now starting a Kickstarter, and that there is a "playable alpha", and yet there is no demo or video of gameplay available. These attempts to stave-off fears seemed to backfire on the team, as people began to question the project and the motives further.

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If an MLP dating sim game -were- in development, and it was quality, I would -so- drop bucks on that... I'm debating it, but I might revisit this piece and animate it to look like a clip taken from what would look like game-play, making twi move her lips as if to talk, blink, cursor movement, window appearance and fade-out... Everything drawn from scratch, made with a crap-ton of layers, and as always with -LOVE-!!! Who knows what the future holds, something like this may come to light... I didn't mean anything like that, my grades are fine, I just though I could... As for twis skin, yes the shading is a bit different since the full scale twi is in a different lit enviro.

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