Inundating in a sentence

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Inundating in a sentence

It perhaps makes up for our having a less than logical system of grammar than those languages which are more closely linked to Latin.What is the meaning of inundate in Chinese and how to say inundate in Chinese?Marie began to fear that Loftus might discover the mistake and turn in and inundate her.I have known freshets in March to inundate the country for miles.Now these magical buckets contained the sources of the five great lakes, which held enough water to inundate the whole of China.

Their writings are hardly published in the capital before they inundate the provinces like a torrent.

Some were seen fanning themselves with their programmes (top right), while one spectator resorted to putting a towel over his head to keep the sun off.

The youngster's parents, from Blackhall, County Durham, have said their heroic little boy is 'still fighting' and described the pain of waiting for their son to take his 'final breath'.

And it surged within him all the more, because he could not—as the mother does—inundate all the world with it.

It is subject to violent floods, which inundate the surrounding country for a distance of 10 to 20 m.

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It also addresses conflicts of interest on the part of members of the Commission and its staff in the course of discharging their duties.