Delilah dicrescenzo tom higgenson dating

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Delilah dicrescenzo tom higgenson dating

He has big plans of being a rock star, but that's quite the pipe dream there.Most people that do pursue a career in music end up failing, but even if he does beat the odds, that could potentially be a worse situation for their relationship, because the "high-flying" life of a rock star will tend to destroy the possibility of having a meaningful relationship (how many rock-stars have long lasting marriages? Either way, she will, after graduating, be in a different place (metaphorically speaking, though possibly geographically as well) than the guy she left behind.Either way, this is a a sweet song, even if it is an imaginary relationship. Most everybody thinks this is a sweet song, and maybe that's the intention, but this is the way I see it...

We'd met through a mutual friend that summer at the House of Blues in Chicago and kept in touch over AOL Instant Messaging -- just friendly conversation because I had a boyfriend. Today, I train in NYC with the New Jersey-New York Track Club and my coach, Frank Gagliano.

Delilah Di Crescenzo, a 24-year-old Olympic hopeful, is fact.

But the song's relationship between a New York college student and a guitar player a thousand miles away, well, that part is completely made up.

You have no idea what the girl is thinking, or doing from the song...

for all we know the guy is home longing for the girl and the girl is out living up the life in New York City.

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