Atheist dating a muslim girl sex dating in lincoln kansas

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Atheist dating a muslim girl

Heina Dadabhoy spent their childhood as a practicing Muslim who never in their right mind would have believed that they would grow up to be an atheist feminist secular humanist.Heina has been an active participant in atheist organizations and events in and around Orange County, CA since 2007, and on the national stage since 2011.Heina is a speaker and panelist on a range of diverse topics including feminism, race, LGBT issues, the challenges of deconversion, Islam, non-monogamy, strategies for inclusivity, and the various intersections of the above.You may have heard them at Skepticon, the American Atheists National Convention, the Huffington Post Live, and Have Your Say on the BBC World Service or read about them in the New York Times.Do we break up with each other just to please our parents ??? You stay christian, he stays muslim, if his parents don't like it or if he forces you to, **** it. Its the 21st **** century, is religion still around causing problems? I'm a Muslim man and what you just said is utter rubbish let alone poor advice for the girl.

Offer dance, music, fitness and wellness through partnerships with other non-profit organizations in order to change their feelings about you it was talking.My Girlfriend is Muslim and I am by all accounts thusfar an Atheist.(Former Christian MANY MANY Years Ago)I'm concerned about the future of our relationship, I am deeply inlove her however I'm not entirely sure if its realistically possible for an Atheist and a Muslim to be in a working sustainable relationship. We have been involved with one another for 2 years already and I simply keep my thoughts about her religion to myself and she does the same for me. We are also in love with each other but have had our problems.It really depends on what you both mean by 'future relationship'.It sounds like you have both done fine so far, you were happy to be together in the relationship you have had and not straying into theistic areas was a good idea (although I must admit I could not have avoided it myself, but that's just me).

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So if the future is going to be much the same then there should be no problem however, if you are both looking to go to the next stage then you will BOTH have to face the potential issues. I presume you won't be able to live together without being married?