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Access sql server not updating tables

So on my local machine, I could open up the MS Access file with tables linked to the computer named CDC-EBLEY2-7\SQLEXPRESS, but if you were to open the file from someone else’s computer, an Connection failed: SQL State: ‘01000’ SQL Server Error 67 SQL Server Error: 17 (blah blah blah) resulted. Because I enabled my server to be connected to via TCP/IP over port 1433 – which are the defaults, but it has to be explicitly set in the connection string of every table.

What I needed was to connect to CDC-EBLEY2-7,1433\SQLEXPRESS so others could open the MS Access file and NOT get errors.

All operations on a SQL Server table result in another table.

When the subquery fails to find a matching row in tbl B, the subquery returns NULL.

As you read this article you will find that views are very useful when implemented wisely, but can be an administrative burden if implemented without planning.

View Overview Before discussing how best to implement views, let's review the basics of views.

Linking to a SQL Server database from Access is not much different to creating a linked table to a backend Access database.

SQL Server is a more robust database management system than Access.

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